How to number comments in Blogger

Do you want numbered comments in Blogger?

This comes in particularly useful if you have a giveaway site and use Random.org to select your winners, because counting the comments by hand can be a real chore. For instance, my recent giveaway of a Mini Mei Tai? Getting to comment #72 was a breeze with pre-numbered comments.

It also helps you if you'd like to reference a comment by number rather than through some complicated description — e.g., "the third comment by one of the people named Jane" or "the comment that posted at 9:32 a.m." Instead you can just say, "comment 23."

Well, this is going to be my easiest tutorial to write, because I'm just going to refer you over to my savior in this instance:
Go forth, paste the new code into your template at (one of the) required spot(s) and see if your comments end up numbered for ya! You can see she keeps updating her post with tips gleaned from the comments, so if you can't get it to work — or if you can, but in a different way — let Susie know in a comment on her post. You can also scan the recent comments for anyone who's solved a similar problem to yours. (For instance, I agree with comment #60 — see how easy this is! — that you can put your comments back to pop-up afterwards.)

All I can say is: Blogger made this whole thing right complicated for us simple folk. But if you really, really try (multiple options if necessary), you can get your comments numbered. I found the pasting location that worked for me, though I still can't get the over-200-comments issue to resolve itself. Oh, well, something to work on when that matters to me!

While you're over at The Computery, check out all the great blogging tutorials there! And note that Susie has other websites, too, where she posts links to things like how to make a handbag out of an old book. (Because how cool is that?!)


Tamera said...

Thanks SO much!

I have giveaways often and this will make it SO much easier!

I went to the link you provided and in a few moments, I had numbered comments!


Lauren Wayne said...

I'm so glad it helped you! It makes my life so much easier with giveaways, too.

Sheila said...

thanks for link - now have numbered comments on my blog - excellent!

Helena said...

Thanks Lauren! Very much appreciate the link, and the laugh! Hope you have a wonderful New Year xo

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