Free bound copy of your novel from NaNoWriMo08

Hey, fellow NaNoWriMo08 winners!

NaNoWriMo08 winnerIn case you didn't get the memo, you can still get a free bound copy of your work courtesy of CreateSpace through NaNoWriMo.

The details are under "I Wrote a Novel, Now What?":

CreateSpace, an Amazon.com Inc. owned company, is generously offering every NaNoWriMo 2008 winner a "free proof copy" of their 2008 manuscript. ... They'll even cover the costs of basic shipping to you.

To redeem the offer, you'll need a special NaNoWriMo winner's promo code.

... After you receive your proof copy, you can then choose if you want to make it available to the public at large—everything from showing up for sale on Amazon.com to complete invisibility.

More questions and answers are available on the NaNoWriMo forum.

The offer expires June 1, 2009.

If you're anything like me, you relish the thought of getting a free, bound copy of a book by yourself, but ... it's not necessarily your NaNoWriMo book that you want to have self-published.

That's ok, too. You can publish any old book of yours you want, as long as it doesn't exceed 828 printed pages in your PDF proof.

One reason I don't want to publish my novel-in-process is that I'm not sure that it will be publisher-ready by June 1 (though I sincerely hope so!). But the main reason is that I intend to submit it for real, live publication, and don't want an ISBN attached to it as I shop it around.

So, instead, I'm considering printing up some of my poetry and essays, and some of my husband's essays — things that we've "published" online but that we've never submitted for actual money anywhere. It would be fun to have them in print! Having a son now, I relish the thought of passing along some of our favorite writings in bound form.

What are you going to do with your free copy? Or, if you're not eligible for one, what have you considered self-publishing?
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