Join me in the Poem-a-Day Challenge from Poetic Asides!

It's that time again!

April is National Poetry Month, which means...

Time for the Poem-a-Day Challenge at Poetic Asides!

Robert Lee Brewer posts a prompt every day, and you write a poem based on that prompt. It's very loose and fun, and everything is open to your interpretation, so don't let your poetic sensibilities get all in a twist.

And, remember, just like NaNoWriMothe point is quantity, not quality! Just do it. Just write. Every day.

By the end of the month, you'll have 30 poems. Not all of them will be great. Probably quite a number will suck. But you'll be 30 poems richer.

And as I've heard before, you can't edit nothing. You have to have written to have something to polish and perfect, so...get poem-ing!

I'll see you at the starting line. Full rules and guidelines are here at Poetic Asides.

P.S. No, this is not an April Fool's joke. Start writing!

Photo courtesy surrealmuse on flickr (cc)


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