When a mummy episode is a fairy episode

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Mummy Episode sighting! I found a way to watch the Acorn TV series of Agatha Raisin novel adaptations and saw "The Fairies of Fryfam" last night. It's been a long time since I read the M.C. Beaton novel, but I know for sure I was pronouncing the town name wrong. I'm not equally sure if the ending was the same.

Agatha goes to a small town with a mystical obsession with fairies. Agatha sees twinkling lights and hears bright laughter in her garden near a wishing well, but the closemouthed townsfolk won't tell her anything.

I don't think I'm spoiling anything (much) to say that at some point, her compadres lie in wait for the fairies and discover young boys operating Christmas lights and hiding behind the well to laugh at the newcomers. Toward the end of the episode, though, a villager says that the boys just try to obscure the fact that there are real fairies to give a plausible explanation to outsiders. Um, ok.

The last scene is a zoom to the wishing well, where tiny lights fly out and around to the sound of tinkling laughter.


Definite Mummy Episode, though with a fairy twist. Set up a logical world where there's a discernible explanation for every phenomenon...and then throw it away at the last minute.

Still a fun watch and read, though!

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