National Novel Progress Month

NaNoProgMo: National Novel Progress Month
Hosted by Lauren from / Hobo Mama
and Teresa from Write On, Mom! / Mom Grooves

Join us!

January 2012: NaNoProgMo: Ready to make some more progress on your novel?
November 2011: Join us for NaNoProgMo: National Novel Progress Month!

What is NaNoProgMo?

It's National Novel Progress Month — any month that we pledge together to make progress on our writing!

You choose the manuscript(s) you'll work on, the tasks you need to prioritize (writing, editing, promoting, whatever), and the amount of time you'll commit to work on your progress.

Sign up on the linky for the current month, break out a ticker to keep track of your progress, and follow along with us as we do the same!


What if it's after the first of the month, and I still want to join in? Then do it! Any time you spend working on your novel is worth it, right? And I'm sure we'll all still have more work to do in future months, too!

Why this particular month? Why not? If this one doesn't work for you, maybe you can catch us in another month soon! But our feeling on writing your novel is that the best time to do it is now.

How much time do I have to pledge? There are no requirements — you choose. We find it easiest to pledge an amount per day, though you could break it up differently if you know you have one hour every weekend to devote. Your amount per day can be a fraction of an hour or multiple hours, whatever you find achievable. You are allowed to catch up if you fall behind. And, frankly, you're allowed to fail! Just do your best to make progress, and we'll be alongside doing the same.

Why "national"? We're mirroring NaNoWriMo on this one. We welcome everyone from any nation!

Why novel writing? We say novel, but you're free to choose another project if it's on your heart. I just recommend that you don't make it a project you procrastinate on a bit but would have done anyway, like how blogging is for me, but to reach into that drawer of abandoned manuscripts and pick one that really needs the love.

What if I get behind? Make up your hours on another day — or just move ahead. Whatever works for you! We know most of us who'll be doing this are parents and writers. We simply want to use the power of community to motivate all of us to take our writing seriously, and have a little fun in the process!

If you have questions to add or suggestions to offer, comment!


Progress Certificate
November 2011 participants: Download your free progress certificate!

NaNoProgMo Gifts
Teresa sent out amazing gifts from Rock Paper Tree to every November participant! I know I feel inspired by my writer's crystal and so appreciate the thoughtfulness. You never know what you might receive from NaNoProgMo-ing!

Stay tuned for prizes to come…

Progress Meter
Teresa found this excellent free progress ticker source:
Ticker Factory

Here's mine:

  1. Choose an Exercise Ticker as the type.
  2. Enter your own password/pin, put in Hours for Units, enter your current progress, and put in your target for the whole month (e.g., if you chose 1 hour/day, you'd put 30 hours for the month). Your Message is whatever you want to title your ticker, so put something NaNoProgMo-inspirational!
  3. Pick your ticker & slider designs. Click on the numbers along the bottom to see all the designs available.
  4. On the last screen, you'll get the HTML code to add to your site in a post or a sidebar!
  5. Go back to Ticker Factory daily to update your total, and enjoy seeing your progress!
  6. If you used Ticker Factory last time, just wipe clean your hours and reset your goal, OR make a new ticker — your choice. If you wipe it clean and reset, you might want a screenshot first to save the memory of your progress!

Show off your NaNoProgMo participation with one of our cute buttons! Here are a few options for you:

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