Just keep writing, writing, writing

I'm with Dori on this one. The most important rule of writing, particularly something massive like a novel? You've gotta just keep going.

I've been remiss at keeping up with my novels of late, because I've been expending my creative energy blogging (and parenting). When I opened up my files to get back to work, I winced at how long it had been since the date of my last save.

Sometimes you need a little space to breathe between drafts, but here's the problem with taking too much time off:

It's so, so, very hard to get started up again.

You think about your novel, but you don't quite remember where you were. You know you had some ideas in mind for edits, but what were they again? You kick yourself for not making better notes, but at the time they were so fresh in your head, they didn't seem necessary. Now, though — ugh, to read through it all again, to try to remember what you wanted to remember. Such a chore, such a dragging waste of time.

Maybe you'll just put it off for another day or two...

Here's a kick in the pants for you, if you're anything like me and need one: Get your manuscript out. Start somewhere. Whether it's finishing or editing or writing the first page, start again. And then keep at it.

Repeat as necessary.

For more inspiration on the topic, check out Jerry Seinfeld's advice: Don't break the chain!

How many unfinished writing projects are you sitting on? What motivates you to get back to work? What motivates you to keep working, day by day?


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