Wordless Wednesday: Profile outtakes

I decided on a new profile picture, which I'm slowly changing things over to. I used to use just my old, tried-and-true Hobo Mama logo, but maybe, I dunno, people want to see a face sometimes? So I thought some sort of combo package would be a good deal. I settled on this:

Lauren Wayne long profile picture with Hobo Mama logo HoboMama.com

I thought it worked out pretty well considering I took it of myself in the mirror.

Want to see the backstage magic that brought this self-portrait to you? You know you do.

Um, over a bit.

Oops, too far.

Aaalllmost...just a touch farther...


Nice camera.

Nice tummy.

You are very dramatic about that camera.

Now aren't you impressed I got one that worked?

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Jamie said...

you need a tripod and a five second stand in. makes it a lot faster.

Lauren Wayne said...

Well, see, the tripod's in our junk room. Finding it would have taken a lot longer than just goofing around in front of the mirror.

I also could have asked Sam to take it, but that would have been embarrassing. Posting all my outtakes, of course, is much, much less embarrassing.

alicia said...

Pretty good mirror shot. I suck at those. Happy WW! Thanks for linking up!

alicia @ a beautiful mess

Deb said...

LOL, I love the one you ended up with - but think the outtakes are a lot more fun. The one of you with the camera (3rd from bottom) is an awesome shot too! :)

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