Things I am doing instead of querying

I am supposed to be querying my cozy mystery novel, Poisoned, by God. I have sent a query out to one agent. One.

Here are the other very important things I have been doing instead:

  1. I have gone through old blogposts on this blog and made Pinterest-worthy images for them with Pablo by Buffer, my new favorite thing. (See the image on this post as an example. It's free!)
  2. I have gone through super-old posts on Hobo Mama to clean up code and add in affiliate-link warnings when needed for FTC compliance. (I'm still working on this.)
  3. I have written six blogposts.
  4. I have come up with two ideas for middle grade fiction series, and one for a literary novel.
  5. I have researched Pinterest schedulers. Thoroughly.
  6. I have futzed around with same.
  7. I have updated my Feedly with tons of new RSS feeds from writing and publishing blogs.
  8. I have copied the links over into my blog list in the sidebar. (Enjoy!)
  9. I have read and shared many of these newly discovered articles on social media, pinning, tweeting, and Facebooking to beat the band.
  10. I have played a lot of Minecraft with my four-year-old.
  11. I have edited and sent photos to our relatives of recent excursions.
  12. I have edited my toddler's birth video. What? He's only 16 months old.
  13. I have organized blog shares and challenges on Facebook groups.
  14. I have interviewed the founder of BoardBooster, one of the Pinterest schedulers I was talking about earlier.
  15. I have cleaned the baseboards, wiped down table sides and legs, scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, and thought about what else I want to deep clean. I am not a neat freak.
  16. I've figured out complicated ways to semi-automatically Tweet my archives.
  17. I have researched what headset will allow me to dictate writing into my phone as I walk.
  18. I have walked for a couple hours nearly every day.
  19. I have watched multiple documentaries about animals mistreated in captivity and wept bitter tears.
  20. I have read books about building my writer platform and querying literary agents.
  21. I have signed up for a WritersMarket.com account.
  22. I have considered author organizations and literary conferences.
  23. I have edited and posted a new video for our family YouTube channel.
  24. I've experimented with Facebook ads.
  25. I've fiddled with my newsletter email collector.
  26. I've brushed the cats. A lot.
  27. I have used dear old Pablo to make a bunch of writers' quotes into inspirational images to share, and scheduled their sharing.
  28. I've installed a new update of Quark so I can edit my ebooks.
  29. I've worked on my homeschooling ebook that needs a few edits before I can put it back up for publication.
  30. I've done our taxes.
  31. I have tried recoding all my blogs into responsive templates and gotten frustrated by the back end of it.
  32. I've brainstormed what I want my new logos to be.
  33. I've edited my About Me page.
  34. I've put up a new author photo.
  35. I wrote this post.

These are all worthy tasks. Strange that they became so urgent at the very time I'm supposed to be making headway on querying agents, hey? I think I might need to stop being so productive….



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