Lean into your writing challenges

Sometimes when you're writing fiction, you'll get to a place where a character does something unexpected, and you'll want to fix it.

Or you'll realize your plot would be stronger if some terrible thing befell your protagonist, but you have a protective urge pulling you back.

Or you'll introduce a detail that messes with the tidy outline you had in your mind, and you try to figure out a painless way to erase it.

Don't. Move forward. Push through the hard way, never minding the thorns. Laugh about how much harder and messier you're making it for yourself.

Nine times out of ten, your novel will be better for it.

That character behaving unexpectedly alerts you to a thematic aspect you wanted to cover.

Your protagonist fighting through stronger obstacles gifts suspense and heft to your story.

The off-details lend nuance and realism to your imaginary world, and nearly always, you'll figure out a way to weave them in that makes a stronger whole than your original vision.

Writing is magical that way. So lean in when there's a challenge until you emerge triumphant.

If you're writing yourself into a corner, instead of backing out...break through a wall!


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