Off to #BlogHer13!

Guess where I'm going with these:

BlogHer '13
This is not true at all.
I'm letting Sam take the kiddos
out around Chicago for the day.
But I can't resist babywearing-
themed blog bling!
I'm so excited to have my brand-spanking-new business cards folded and ready for my first blogging conference! (I sure hope I spelled everything right….)

I was going to be in Chicago anyway to visit family, so I just snagged a last-minute ticket for Friday of BlogHer 2013.

If you're going to be there and want to meet up, I'd love the chance to be socially awkward in person!

So what else do I need for the trip? I was reading blog posts on what to wear to make sure jeans were acceptable (they are, right? I hope they are), and there were these people talking about their heels and shapewear, and I realized: I just might be outclassed here.

But if you want to hang out with my flab-out, flat-footed self, please feel free!

I hope to take in some sessions, imbibe the Expo Hall and maybe meet up with some of my affiliate managers, and — of course — connect with some of the bloggers I love or new ones I can get to know. If you fall into either category and will be around on Friday, let me know.

Feeling business-like:

I want to give a shout-out to my affiliate partner Tiny Prints for my beautiful folding business cards. I looked at a ton of business card sites, but no other place had such a delightful style at the right price.

(They're not paying me to promote them, and I bought my cards by my lonesome, though if you click through, I'd make a few cents if you buy something from them.)

I was also drawn to the square cards, because: Cool! But I'm kind of wordy, so I went with folded. They're super snazzy, right?

It was a little bit of a pain that I couldn't fully customize the folding cards. For instance, I could choose from colors and font styles and sizes; I could upload my own images (obviously; that would be funny if they just had default heads for everyone to use) and put in my own text — but there were severe character limits. I wish I'd been able to upload my own design in toto, but you can't with the folded style. You can with square, though, if you're interested!

That said, this pre-designed template ended up working great for me. I got all the text in there I wanted, in the fonts I liked, and they look awesome. I got just the standard paper, and it's beautimous: thick and smooth with vivid colors.

Also? Love that photo of me. Doubly love that I cropped my sweet baby out of the picture because he's not smiling to match me:

Take that, Alrik. Next time you'll work the camera.

That's better.

My hair's a lot longer now, so don't let that throw you.

I'm the one on the left.

All right — enough gushing about my cards (I just feel so real now!). Can you believe this is my very first conference to anything ever? I'm quite excited. I'll see you at the conference, I hope, and I'll report back on how things went!

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