New Mummy Episode from Castle!

New Mummy Episode sighting:

Castle's Episode 110 from Season 6, "Time Will Tell," deals with oh-my-gosh-are-they-really-real time travelers.

Is this guy really from THE FUTURE?! Spoooky!

You can watch the episode online, so I won't spoil it except to say:

CLASSIC Mummy Episode. Classic.

As a summary of my description, a Mummy Episode is when a TV show focuses on a logical, human explanation for something seemingly absurd or supernatural (mummies returning from the dead, psychic predictions, time travelers) — but then ends with a coda that suggests or confirms that the supernatural element is actually true.

This episode had two such suggestions, in fact, one for each main character. How sweet! Must be a Halloween treat, right? Castle isn't really turning into a time-travel show, is it?

Is it??

P.S. I love Beckett's suits in this episode!

P.P.S. Richard Castle — the character — has his own author website. Love.

What Mummy Episodes have you seen lately?

Photo Credits: ABC


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