I'd like to thank my NaNoWriMo sponsor

After having already started National Novel Writing Month and during the process of deciding how much to donate to the cause, I found out that Wrimos can get sponsored.

This is quite appealing in a number of ways. For NaNoWriMo the organization, it means more money coming in than an individual would likely give. For the novelist, though, I imagine that sponsorship would add an extra layer of impetus to finish and win. As a blogger, I would also love sponsorship to give me blog fodder and, I don't know, maybe some swag?

So I was thinking about seeking out sponsorship next year when it dawned on me:

I already had a sponsor.

I could not have won NaNoWriMo without the financial, emotional, and familial support of my husband, Sam.

So this is my shout-out to Sam, who managed the retail family business in the pre-Christmas season, who took over the parental duties as a more-or-less full-time work-from-home dad when normally we split childcare of our two-year-old, and who has consistently encouraged me and believed in me as a writer. Thank you for letting me be a wholehearted author for one spectacular, frenzied month.

Sam's taking the month of December, and beyond as needed, to work on a nonfiction book that's been percolating for years. I like to think my two years of NaNo success have afforded some inspiration, and I'm trying to sponsor him in return.

Thank you, Sam. You know you're the person I want to dedicate all my books to.

I have cross-posted something similar at
HoboMama.com, my parenting blog,
if you'd like more details on
Sam's month o' Mikko.


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