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Follow-up / solution / oh-duh-now-I-get-it here: http://www.laurenwayne.com/2010/04/switch-between-seller-central-and.html. Basically, ignore all of the following.

Just as a follow-up to my last post on Search Inside This Book, I mentioned that you need a Seller Central account to sign up. I already had one, so I just switched my log-in email over to the one I'd given to Search Inside This Book.

Well, now I have a caution about using an existing Seller Central account for Search Inside This Book. I'm no longer using my Seller Central account for selling anything, but when I tried to log in to it to access previous information from when I previously used that account to sell DVDs through Amazon's Marketplace, I couldn't reach the typical Seller Central page anymore, no matter how I tried. It would only default to the Search Inside This Book page, which is a specialized author/publisher-specific interface.

Fortunately for me, this isn't disastrous, since it was a defunct seller account anyway, and I didn't badly need to get into those old files.

BUT...beware if you use your Seller Central account for serious selling that you might want to contact Amazon in advance and ask what's best. I know that having two seller accounts is actually against Amazon rules and can lead to your being banned as a seller. But if Search Inside This Book really does make your Seller Central account inoperable as a seller account for selling on the Marketplace, then you would need a second one specifically for your publishing interests.

So, there you have it. No real advice from here, but a counsel to seek out Amazon's take on the situation. Maybe there's a secret link to access your Seller Central information from the publisher page, or maybe it's something they'll fix in the future.


featherlessbiped said...

I can't reach my Seller Central pages, either, and I never had a look-inside-the-book set up (not having published any books yet). So I think amazon's got a much deeper problem than this little snafu you've uncovered, but I'm SO glad you mentioned it, because otherwise I would be freaking out about now.

LW said...

See, that's not good. Did you ever resolve the issue? I was thinking of writing Amazon about it, but

(a) I'm not using that account and
(b) I've heard Amazon is very tetchy about multiple accounts opened by the same person. Technically we are TWO people, so there shouldn't be a problem, but I'm all worried regardless.

Because we live off our main Amazon seller account and can't afford to have that sucker shut down. That one is working still, by the way, so I have no idea what's going on.

Anyway...I'll let you know if I figure anything out further, and good luck!

Lauren Wayne said...

Updated with a link to screenshots wherein I figure it all out! http://www.laurenwayne.com/2010/04/switch-between-seller-central-and.html

P.S. If you're still seeing a spammy comment above, I've removed it, like, a billion times.

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