Snobs unhappy with happy endings

I'm loving this post on happy endings.

I've often mused on just this subject. Because I love love love happy endings and think that sad endings are, in most cases, pretentious.

My favorite Shakespeare plays are the comedies, because they seem unforced. Tragedy just seems so unlikely.

But maybe that's just my rosy experience of the world.

My mom favors Oprah's Book Club novels. You know, stick your nose in the air and sniff it like you just don't care: Literary novels.

I would make her very happy if I would write a literary novel. And I think I could do it, too. Just give the readers hope — and then take it all away. Nothing simpler.

I think writing a good love story with a believable happy ending is much more challenging. I always appreciate the authors who can pull it off.


SusanB said...

I get SO tired of everyone saying that some new novel is SO AMAZING or a NEW CLASSIC just because it has a horrific ending. That does not MAKE it a good book, people! I agree with you--believable and "real" happy endings are much more challenging and, ultimately, more enjoyable. At least in my own experience of life and of books so far.
Oh, and thanks for the links to Cracked.com. Never saw it before--gave me a GREAT laugh tonight. =)

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